10 Upcycled Halloween Decor Ideas

Having a Halloween party?  Want to decorate your party space?  Here are some bargain bucket, but effective ideas to get you started.  All using and upcycling bits and bobs from around the house.

1. Ghost Wind Sock

Take a grocery tin, paint it.  Add strips of paper for the tail and let the wind do the rest!
Credit: Chicken Scratch NY

Halloween 1 ghost windsock

2. Mummy Jam Jars

Wrap some jam jars in bandages, add some googly eyes and a little night light and voila!
Credit: Veggie Mumma

Halloween 2 Mummy Jam Jars

3. Cardboard Tombstones

This one will take a bit more work, but full instructions are here to help.

Halloween 3 cardboard tombstones

4. Bin Bag Spiders Web

This step by step guide shows you how to cut black bin bags and turn them into a spiders web to adorn your party space!

Halloween 4 Bin bag spiders web

5. Flowerpot Spiders

A great way to make some spiders for the garden – thanks Creative Green Living!

Halloween 5 - Flowerpot Spiders

6. Tissue Box Monsters

White triangles of paper for the teeth and little cups or egg boxes for the eyes.  A great one to do with the kids.  You could use them as a treats pot.

Halloween 6 - Tissue Box Monsters

7. Paper plate eyeballs

Add the red ribbon/string for a blood shot look. Guidance here.

Halloween 7 - Paperplate eyeballs

8. Milk Jug Ghosts

Take your plastic milk jugs, draw some Halloween faces and add battery night lights or string of Christmas lights.  Very effective and no rotting pumpkins!

Halloween 8 Milk Jug Faces

9. Toilet Roll Bats

Great as little favour boxes or suspend with string to decorate the walls.
Credit: Practically Functional

Halloween 9 - Loo Roll Bats

10. Juice Carton Haunted House

Ingenious – take some juice cartons, cut out windows and paint.
Here’s the step by step guide care of ‘Choose Cartons’

Halloween 10 - Juice Carton Haunted House


More Ideas

Halloween - More Ideas

For more handmade halloween ideas, including pumpkin carving templates, party food inspiration and other crafts, check out my Pinterest page ‘Handmade Halloween’

Halloween - Fancy Dress

For DIY fancy dress ideas, check out this amazing collection, including loads made from a simple cardboard box!

Happy Halloween!


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