Taking stock…

Brace yourselves, I’m going to start boasting…

I did some sums the other day, on the amount of fabric I have used over the last couple of years.  Fabric that would otherwise have ended up in the skip and ultimately been incinerated or ended up in landfill.  Each month, I fill up my car boot with fabric offcuts, kindly given to me by a local sofa company.  It’s a perfect arrangement: I get some amazing swoon-tastic fabrics and they don’t have to pay for a skip!

Anyway, each month my car boot is full to bursting and I’ve been doing that for two years now.  So the geek in me as worked out the volume of my car boot, multiplied it by the weight of that fabric in each pick up, times the number of picks ups…..and I have worked out that I have saved at least 3 tonnes of fabric from being wasted!!!!

3 tonnes!!!!

When you google that – that weight is the equivalent to nearly two cars; or four cows; or six grand pianos; or thirty kangaroos!!!!  You get the idea.

3 tonnes

I’m rather proud of that.  And that’s not taking into account the donations of fabric I’ve had from friends and family or the amount of coffee sacks I’ve used too.  Coffee sacks that come from another local company – these get turned into wreaths, cushions, pouffes, tote bags etc.

Apparently a double-decker bus weighs around 13 tonnes, so I’ve got a way to go before I reach that graphic!!!  I wonder how many tonnes would reach the height of the Empire State Building*…

You can see what I make with all this material on my website: Delaney Designs

I also collect lots of ways to upcycle on my Pinterest Board.

I’m passionate about recycling and love to share ways of re-using, rather than throwing away.  This year I plan to write a blog every month on upcycling ideas, so don’t forget to subscribe.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day. x
*turns on Google for height of Empire State Building


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